Rock and Roll hair

Call him flamboyant, call him androgynous, but never call Mick Jagger unmanly.  With a younger super model attached to his arm every few decades this rock star has been a iconic style setter since the 60’s and he’s going strong.

Did anyone see him on SNL this weekend.  He managed to make fun of his self and still looked cool.  Mick is the young age of 68, he appeared in all but 2 skits while throwing three sets in between (Arcade Fire, The Foo Fighters and guitar legend Jeff Beck)  Watching I couldn’t help from being obsessed with his rock and roll hair and how mick has perfected the “I look like I just got out of bed but really spent a lot of time styling my hair look.”


Jagger has been rocking his trademark shag for 50 years!  The shape looks great with his long skinny face.  I still see high school hipsters copying his look.  With this style you should keep up with your 6 week haircuts.  A unkempt shag boarders between bum and rock star.  Styling aid – Mike’s favorite, creamy molding wax by TIGI.  First blowdry hair then lightly apply in hair.

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