Layrite pomade

Layrite pomade holds like a wax, and washes out like a gel.  With  a nice clean vanilla sent.  No more ruined pillow cases, no more mad girlfriends.  This stuff works great on all types of hair. Layrite offers a super hold, and a original formula.  We use Layrite for just about every style.  We offer a 4oz can for $15.  A little goes a very long way.


We offer haircuts and color to men, woman and kids.  Call us 949-496-1957 for a appointment.  Or just walk-in @ the Captain’s chair barbering and salon.  Barbers and Hair stylists happily serving Dana Point, Laguna Beach, and Monarch Beach since 1965!  We carry Layrite, nioxin, tigi, and woody’s.  Located in The Monarch Bay Plaza.  Just to the right of Gelson’s.