Beard and a mustache trim


Beards often may be perceived to be associated with a lack of general cleanliness and a loss of refinement.  But in history men with facial hair have ascribed various attributes such as wisdom, sexual virility, masculinity, or a higher status.

When you look around today  guys are sporting amazing facial hair.  They even have reality shows dedicated to it!  This guy to the left  Captain John Weller is wearing some sweet handle bars. Be sure you and your barber/ stylist are on the same page about the facial hair trim.  Tell them exactly how you style it, even ask to use they’re comb to style it  the way you normally wear it.

Easy to get with a little wax and a flat iron.

Quick tips: invest in a pocket mustache comb. always ask if you have anything food bits in your beard.  keep it well groomed!


If you need a little help with styling your facial hair or just need to get it under control drop on by and we’ll help you out.  We charge $10 for a beard and a mustache trim.  The advice is free.  Here’s some ideas to help you on your way.


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