What to ask your barber


Tongue tied when you sit in your barbers chair?  Love your barber but the last haircut involved wearing a hat all month.  It could be your barber, it could be you or more likely it could be a miscommunication or lack there of.

Unless your positive they know exactly what you want and you are confident when you say give me the usual your going to walk out happy, remember to have a consultation the when you sit in the chair.  Don’t be afraid to bring in a photo.  Now a days it’s easy to pull a photo up on you phone.  No photo, no problem.  Start with length.

“I want my hair tight on the sides texture on the top”



What we hear and will do…. A number 2 on the sides, maybe disconnected from the top.  Lots of point cutting on sides and top.  Slide cutting on the top.  Send the client home with a dry wax.  Should take more that a few minutes to style.



“I want my hair short and messy.”

What I hear is you don’t really want to look like you got a haircut.  Please don’t come at me with a clipper guard smaller that a 6.  And I like my edge to look a little wispy not so clean looking.   I would send you home with light creamy pomade and would suggest blow drying it in the morning.  Styling time 6mins.

Don’t be afraid to remind us to trim those brows.  A good barber will make sure all your unwanted “extras” are no longer.  Making sure your ears, neck and brows are well maintained, even the beard and mustache at a small extra charge.

If you feel you’re run out of breath describing the new style you want and especially what you don’t want, it’s your barber.  Don’t be afraid to switch to another barber in the shop.  All barbers know keeping you in the shop is the number one goal.  Your may want that new hairstyle today but tomorrow you may want to go back to that haircut and eventually get back in their chair.


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