The Quiff – A Mans modern cut


The Quiff

A Mans modern cut

My client came in this week and said he’d been listening to Morrissey a lot lately give him a Quiff.  I laughed and and sent him out with a quite awesome looking wavy quiff. I thought through out the rest of my day where the hell did the word “Quiff” come from?

What is a hair Quiff?

In my search I found that Quiff comes from the word “coiffe” a french word meaning hairstyle.  So a modern day quiff is a mixture of a few different hairstyles mainly from the 40’s-50’s era.  Picture a flattop, and a pompadour morphed into one.  If your feeling funky add a slight mo hawk texturizing into the mix.  The sides are shorter most of the time buzzed and the the top goes short to long from back to front.  The longest piece of hair, the one closest to your forehead is the quiff. You’ve seen it on rebel heartthrobs like Elvis and James Dean.

To style: For straight hair, blowdry the front half of your hair straight up, and the back half forward.  style with TIGI “S” factor creamy molding wax.

For wavy hair, towel dry hair apply a small amount of TIGI “S” factor creamy molding wax distribute evenly.  Mold hair back with fingers or wide tooth comb, air dry.

some famous quiffs


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