Summer Vacation grooming




Here are a few helpful hints on what to do before you go on your summer vacation

1)get that hair cut.

Not a short cut but just a clean up, get all the man grooming done.  The ears, neck, brows, and yes, the facial hair.

2)Don’t need to worry about packing full size styling products.

Ask your stylist for samples or if they sell travel sizes.  You don’t want your full size shampoo exploding all over your luggage, or worse that 3.2 oz of $26 pomade getting confiscated at security.   Makes me mad just thinking about it.

3)grow your beard out.

If your on a pleasure vacation grow that scruff, less stuff to pack.

4) get some man scaping done.

If done by your significant other or yourself, just get it done.  I suggest using a zero guard on the back and a 1 or 2 guard on the chest.


Need a cut?  Call us 949-496-1957 for a appointment.  Or just walk-in @ the Captain’s chair.  Barbers happily serving Dana Point, Laguna Beach, and Monarch Beach for 47 years!  We carry Layrite.  Located in The Monarch Bay Plaza.  Just to the right of Gelson’s.