Surfer hair – the short long mens cut

Surfer shag

The Short long mens cut

This cut tells everyone I’m relaxed, my life is a vacation but sometimes I have to wear a suit to a meeting.  There’s a fine line between surfer hair and a good ol fashion bowl cut.  A bowl cut typique has a very blunt line with few layers.  For the surfer shag make sure you tell your barber or stylist that you want short textured layers with a little length in the back.

This is a easy maintenance cut.  To achieve the perfect surfer hair use a small amount of Woody’s Cream rub into tips of hands and comb into style.  A little salt water from this mornings session wouldn’t hurt.

Here Patrick Swayze plays adrenaline seeking surfer turned bank robber, Bodhi.   He’s sporting the surfer mullet.   This is just a way over grown shag, with a bang trim every now and then.

Surf report at creek : Water temp 59* swell 1-2ft.  It’s a paddle around day!

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